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The job.
I have a signature generator that works and only works with Subsonic Music streamer. Sadly the project looks to have died, it's not been updated in 3-4 years and no longer works on linux. Windows yes, and just about.

I would like a similar signature for Plex Media Server. Plex presents some challenges.
1. Plex can use webhooks
2. It's incredibly secure and cannot be accessed externally unless the server is in a DMZ - VERY INSECURE.
3. It has an ID generator, and on each server restart, this ID changes, so even if you could place the Plex server in a DMZ, you'd have to update this ID

The webhook would have to accept all data from the plex server, then a signature script would have to parse that data into something resembling a signature code.
There may be several styles, immediately I can think of 2 styles.
1. Large and very detailed, with lots of information, EG. Film/song title, starring, rating, and synopsis along with the artwork. Roughly 1024x800
2. 600px wide and 150px high signature, title, year artwork
3. custom text on each style, bottom right corner. This could be username or URL.

If nothing is being watched/listened too, then just a brief hello or other custom text to be defined later.
It would be nice if all custom text had a drop-shadow, then it would stand out on all colours.

Plex Webhooks

The backgrounds will need to be semi-transparent, dark and a white pin-stripe around the edges. The BG will also need to have rounded corners, something like this:
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I have a dynamic signature that displays album artwork and track information.
I would like this ported from Subsonic to Air Sonic and Plex.
You can use any language you like, it doesn't have to be PHP (like it currently is).
I have no idea of the cost to convert it, that's something we can discuss.
But I would like to make a tweak, GIF's, and a little disco flair like lights on the fonts. This is secondary to my requirements, so isn't as important to a working dynamic signature.
Demo of the current signature: viewtopic.php?t=442

Currently the signature is for music, I would like Plex to also display movie cover art as well as music.
Music display: Artwork, Artist, Title and Album
Movie Display: Cover art, Director, release year, IMDB Rating, Starring.
If you think you can do the job, then please post your reply here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't PM me as I struggle to keep on top of PM's

1. It must be very well documented, I like to make minor changes myself later on, so excellent documentation is required.
2. Animated GIF's with and without transparencies must be supported.
3. Library dependencies are required as I may run it from a home server, so it also needs to be secure.
4. Please don't start work until we have finalised a price and the price has to be final, no additional costs unless I agree extra work.
Many thanks for reading.
DJ Daz
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