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OK I've heard it said that DJ'ing is complicated and hard. In a way it is, looking at it from a clubbers perspective, DJ'ing is mentally hard, hell impossible and only for the gifted.
But that's how it looks when you know nothing. It's the same for everything. Driving, computers, tax returns, HGV driving and many many more vocations.

When you've had some tuition and you know what all the buttons, knobs and sliders do, it's a lot easier to see what DJ's are doing. I've seen videos on YouTube of DJ's doing all sorts of messing about on the decks... and in reality they're a fake DJ. They are doing all sorts and nothing is changing. But you wouldn't know this unless you've got even a small DJ controller.

You can see real DJ's doing things and immediately hear it in the mix. These are the real DJ's.

DJ'ing is like everything else, once you understand a few fundamental things, such as manual beat matching, key notation and you know how to count 4/4 time, then that's around 75% of everything you need to know. The rest is learning transition tricks. This is the hard stuff, this is where DJ's are at their busiest. But it's like EVERYTHING else, practice and time.

So yes learning to DJ is hard, from the outside. Learning to DJ is easy and anyone who can count to 4 or 8 can do it in next to no time. But to master DJ'ing... that can take years.

Oh yeah, and money.... lots and lots of money for gear, music and beer.

So don't be put off by what you see or hear. It's actually quite easy to learn and as long as you can practice for at least a couple of hours per week, then you can and will get there.

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