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If you have little use for the 2GB of RAM in a Raspberry Pi, then you could always use 1GB of it for a SWAP drive, this should improve performance for anyone running their Pi on a SD card.

If you want to use a SSD or USB Drive then checkout my easy as Pi tutorials here: https://the-bionic-cyclist.co.uk/catego ... tutorials/

As usual this is a quick and easy setup:
install ZRAM

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sudo wget -O /usr/bin/zram.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ric96/zram_rpi3/master/zram.sh
Make it executable.

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sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/zram.sh
Edit this file to run on startup

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sudo nano /etc/rc.local
add line before

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 exit 0 /usr/bin/zram.sh &
Source: (always check before installing from any source) https://github.com/ric96/zram_rpi3
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