The dreaded Crossfire-E power cut fixed

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I’ve held off updating the blog with the fix for the power cut-out on the Carrera Crossfire-E, I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t just fooling myself and to make sure it stays fixed. 300 miles later and I’ve had zero cut outs.

Way way back in April 2016 when I got this bike and experienced my first power cut I noticed that a zip-tie was around the cable and the frame. But just before going on my holiday to Fort William I gave my baby a damn good clean and service. During the service I removed the rear wheel and chain for a really deep clean, then reattached everything and put on a new zip-tie, a green one.

I never thought twice about it, I didn’t even consider where to put it, I just assumed the loop was there for the zip-tie and that was that, until I was well over a hundred miles and I thought “hmm, that’s strange, I’ve had no power cuts.”

So since then I’ve managed another 200 miles and still no power cut, not one… Of course now I’ve said that I’ll probably have no end of them.

I will investigate this further next summer, I’ll cut the green tie and replace it back in the original position. But for now I think the green zip-tie is pushing the barrels together and that’s stopped the power cut.

So give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Edit: Rumour has it that the 2017 model has dodgy connections on the LCD display, this can be a cause of power-cuts too, mine is a 2016 model and has a different LCD.

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